Gerhard Richter: Editions 1965-2013

作者Butin, Hubertus / Gronert, Stefan / Olbricht, Thomas
出版社Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern
编辑Butin, Hubertus / Gronert, Stefan / Olbricht, Thomas
图书资料精装, 337 页
国际标准书号 9783775735193
国际标准书号 3775735194
语言 英文

The publication Gerhard Richter. Editions 1965 – 2013 updates the catalogue raisonné of his editions that was published ten years earlier. This book includes additionally 35 new and hitherto unknown works, as well as proofs. It contains all original works that were made in editions, such as prints, photographic editions, artist’s books, artist’s posters, multiples and editions of paintings, which were produced before 2013.


Text contributions by Hubertus Butin and Stefan Gronert provide an insight into techniques, form, relevance and context of the editions. Butin analyses the significance of editions in Richter’s oeuvre as well as its relevance in art history. Gronert concentrates on the importance of photography in Richter’s oeuvre; not only does it play a role as a medium of reproduction but also as source of templates for his paintings.