Gerhard Richter. Bilder aus privaten Sammlungen

AutoreAdriani, Götz / Schwarz, Dieter
EditoreHatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern-Ruit
DettagliCopertina rigida, 184 pagine
ISBN 9783775721363
Lingua Tedesco

The catalogue Gerhard Richter: Bilder aus privaten Sammlungen was published to coincide with exhibitions in Baden-Baden, Beijing, Edinburgh, Vienna and Duisburg in 2008 and 2009.

Works from the Böckmann, Frieder Burda and Ströher Collections, and also from other private collections are highlighted and allow an insight spanning 40 years of artistic creation. The paintings from the years 1963 – 2007 reflect both the history of post-war Germany and the development of Gerhard Richter’s painting.

With contributions by Götz Adriani and Dieter Schwarz.