Sechs Vorträge über Gerhard Richter. Februar 2007, Residenzschloss Dresden. Schriften des Gerhard Richter Archiv Dresden ; Bd. 1

Auteur Elger, Dietmar / Müller, Jürgen / Butin, Hubertus / Rübel, Dietmar / Schwarz, Dieter / Stemmrich, Gregor
Date 2007
Maison d'édition Walther König, Köln
Détails Broché, 135 pages
ISBN 3865602991
Langue Allemand

This first publication of the Gerhard Richter Archive documents the six-lecture symposium organized by the Archive on 10th February 2007 in celebration of Gerhard Richter's 75th birthday in association with the Institute of Art and Music Science of the Dresden University of Technology.

The book contains the six lectures delivered on that occasion by Hubertus Butin, Dietmar Elger, Dietmar Rübel, Dieter Schwarz, Julia Gelshorn and Gregor Stemmrich, together with an introduction by Jürgen Müller.